Say cheers to your new favorite drink: a better brew just for you.

It’s iced tea finally done right, using only the finest ingredients to guarantee goodness by the bottle, and none of that additive stuff.

After all, you do deserve the best!


Hands down the best tasting iced tea in town. Can't wait to order more! ✨✨✨


Seriously, no kidding. This iced tea IS SO GOOD. It's hotel quality. Sign me up for a regular supply!


It was absolutely delicious! Will definitely order again in the future. 🥰


Free delivery in Metro Manila for orders P1500 and up

  • Classic Blend Iced Tea Mixer | 500 mL
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I'm Mandz, Feisty Queen Tea, worker bee, and all-around multeatasker. I am a thirtysomething hotelier on pause.

Born out of quarantine, a decade working in hospitality, and my love for iced tea, our signature blend was created because I missed dining out and enjoying my favorite refreshment. Building Feisty was my way of adapting and making it through this extraordinary time.

I'm on a mission to make your mood a little better and your day a little brighter with an exceptional drink that you can have at home and mix any way you want. Feisty Iced Tea is made with natural ingredients and no preservatives - the better brew just for you.

And I believe it's not only what you drink, but who you share it with: 10% of profits goes to doing good things for others.


Feisty describes someone or something that is full of energy or courage. It means being determined and strong-willed when challenged, even under difficult circumstances.

That same spirited outlook is embodied in our brand. I started this homegrown venture in the midst of a global pandemic, and I'm here to do fun and meaningful things fearlessly!

#drinkfeisty #stayfeisty